For ephemeral program, audiovisuals producers are exempt of synch rights (limit of authorization to a single multicast TV channel).


The remuneration of the phonographic producer and the publisher(s) is made thanks to an agreement between the broadcaster and the audiovisual producers : the legal licence (non exclusive utilisation). 


The audiovisual producers will be require to declare the works used via a cue-sheet (using the work code COCV or IPI, available in the attached files when downloading ) to broadcaster and to Centauri.

The Centauri Server’s composers are members of the SACEM and only receive their copyright only if the declarations are correctly done and transmitted to the broadcasters.

Therefore it is essential to correctly declare so that the copyright holders would receive their music rights.


The covered uses by the legal license for magazines and news stories are limited to a single channel, catch up and replay.

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