Centauri Serveur is the music  library of Les Cosmonotes


Founded in 2014, Les Cosmonotes is a music production company specialized on creation of original music and audio post production.


In 2020, we decided to develop our catalog of original music, our repertoire. 


We though them as concept albums, coherent and unique, sorted by universe, style and keywords. 

You can choose and synchronize these titles for your TV shows / Streams * :

  • Magazine, 
  • Report,
  • Trailer,
  • Promotion,
  • Entertainment,
  • Documentaries, 
  • Ads, movies, fiction, etc.

 * Find all the financial conditions in the Prices section and in the FAQ.


The Centauri Serveur is a large musical repertoire of cinematographic tracks, composed, produced and published by Les Cosmonotes

We will be proactive for your edits and to any requests, no intermediary to validate specific conditions.


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