Is theses music are free of rights ?

No, the music from the Centauri Server is deposited with SACEM and subject to copyright. They are protected around the world through reciprocal agreements with foreign authors’ societies.

You must pay for licenses to be able to use them and it’s important to declare them precisely on your musical cuesheets, so that the rights holders can collect their broadcasting rights.


What are the rates for using the music ?


They depend on the type of production, the duration of use, the territory and the media concerned.
Contact us for more details.


What steps do I have to take with music collecting society ?


Your steps depend on the framework of use. You can learn more on the SACEM website or ask us for help to guide you.

Are these musics intended for all visual (audio) media?

Yes, the music of the Centauri Server can dress all types of productions, whatever their distribution medium, physical or digital: advertising spots, reports, documentaries, institutional films, short films, feature films, etc.

You may know this type of music under the current names “stock music” or “music by the meter” which refer to their function of dressing.


Who are the composers of this music ?


The composers of the Centauri Serveur music are Jonathan Leurquin, Thomas Rossi and Mickaël Choufane.
For requests for original music and for any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us : or by phone : 06 48 39 99 46